Issues We Care About

  • Climate change

  • Racial Equity

  • Affordable healthcare

  • Fair wages

  • Gun safety

  • Environmental Justice

  • Ending police brutality

What We Do

  • Meet with candidates and lawmakers

  • Host guest speakers and educational events

  • Postcard campaigns

  • Letters to the editor

  • Getting out the vote

  • Voter registration

  • Protests/Rallies

  • Visiting our representatives at the capitol or, for now, on-line

About Us

Based in Minnetonka, Plymouth, and nearby cities, we are a grassroots organization encouraging citizens to be involved in the ongoing work of representative democracy. Minnesota's strength comes from us being there for each other--bringing together people from different places and of different backgrounds to create community. For this to be a place where all of us can thrive, we cannot let a handful of politicians and the richest 1% divide us based on what we look like, where we come from, or how much money we have. We must pick leaders who see all of us as equal and govern for all of us, for generations to come. By joining together, we can make Minnesota a place where community, well being, and respect are for everyone, no exceptions.

Help our progressive elected officials!

Please visit our elected officials' social media pages and "like" and otherwise be nice to them. Scroll down their posts and give some good feedback.

Minnesota House Representative Ginny Klevorn

Minnesota House Representative Patty Acomb

Senator Ann Johnson Stewart

Representative Phillips rep page

Phillips campaign page

How to Be a Voter in Minnesota

Your vote is your power. You can register at the time you vote, or you can register in advance.

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